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Dissertation: Social Media Ads about Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can be a complex condition to understand and communicate. This experiment determines how patients with chronic pain heuristically process information about their condition. More specifically, the study tests differences between the etiological framing of chronic pain as either neurobiological or psychological. The study's findings can be used to inform communication strategies when educating patients and inspiring information-seeking behaviors. 
Emotions in CSR Sustainability Campaigns
Sustainability information is abundant on social media. This experiment identifies which emotional responses enhance the memorability and persuasiveness of CSR messages about plastic pollution. Fear, hope and anger are examined as the key emotional responses. Findings will help CSR communicators design social media campaigns about sustainability. 
Corporate Social Advocacy Campaign Design
As corporate social advocacy increasingly becomes a public expectation, communicators face decisions about which issues to address and how to do so. In this experiment, we examine issue salience, emotional tone and emotional intensity to help CSA designers plan social media campaigns that increase memory, positive attitudes and behavioral responses.  

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